How it works

MailMergic has a clear workflow and is very easy to use. It was specially designed for users with all levels of experience.


See how it works in our Step-by-step Video-Guide!

1. Upload PDF Form
Upload your PDF file via drag & drop, or choose to reuse a previously uploaded PDF file.
2. Upload Excel File
Upload the Excel file with all your data. We support all common spreadsheet formats.
3. Drag & Drop Placeholders
Drag & drop the fields to the PDF file. The fields are derived from the column names of the uploaded Excel file and will be filled with the content of the specific columns in the Excel file.
4. Start PDF Mail Merge
Hit the "Generate PDFs" button, and after a few seconds you can download the filled PDF forms.
5. Send PDF as Email Attachment
Send the customized emails with PDF attachments to thousands of recipients with one click. Then look at the email report to see which emails could not be delivered successfully.