What does “Hard Bounce” mean when sending emails?

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What does “Hard Bounce” mean when sending emails?

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May 28, 2024

If a message receives the status “Hard Bounce” it could not be delivered to the recipient. Note that this report only tracks the recipient, not the CC and BCC recipients.

This can occur when the message has been permanently rejected either because:

  • The email address is invalid
  • The email address doesn’t exist

At MailMergic, we add these undeliverable addresses to a suppression list. What this means is that even if you send a message through us for that user, we will not even try to deliver to that address, because we know it’s no longer good.

What can I do about it?

Please do not try to resend to the same, undeliverable email address. It will receive the same status again.

Our best advice is to check the email address with the recipient. In some cases the email addresses contain just a typo, for example instead of it is written:

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