How to generate Covid-19 PCR Test Result / Vaccination Certificates

How to generate Covid-19 PCR Test Result / Vaccination Certificates

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May 23, 2021

Since 2020, the way we live and the way we work have both changed significantly. Covid-19 impacted just about every aspect of our existence, increasing the need for healthcare checks and the provision of relevant documentation.

In the near future, more individuals and companies than ever before will require Covid-19 certificates for professional and travel purposes.

If you’re an entity issuing such documentation, you know just how cumbersome the generation of Covid-19 certificates can be. Luckily, easy options exist for the digitization and automation of certificate creation.

The Importance of Digital Covid-19 Certificates

Before taking a look at bulk fill PDF options and their usability in the world of Covid-19 certificates, let’s discuss the importance of such documents.

Covid-19 certificates will have a diversified range of uses in the months and even years to come:

  • They’ll be used to establish the health status of employees, travelers, people who need to be admitted to hospitals, etc.
  • They’ll provide information about vaccination status
  • Potentially, such certificates will be used for the creation of so-called “green” passports

We are already heavily reliant on test results and vaccination information in everyday and corporate settings. Having this information issued in a digital format increases accessibility and usability.

Exemplary positive Covid-19 PCR test result of a Dubai Medical Laboratory

Benefits of Using the PDF Format for Covid-19 Certificates

PDF files are practical and very usable in the realm of Covid-19 certificate generation. Here are some reasons why PDF files make the most sense:

  • They are versatile and almost universally accepted
  • Most entities that require Covid-19 certificates will have the software needed to read the PDF format
  • PDFs are very easy to send by mail or share in a cloud environment
  • This is a multi-dimensional file format that allows for the integration of both text-based and graphic content
  • Secure and compact
Exemplary negative Covid-19 PCR test result

Using MailMergic for Covid-19 Certificate Generation: Most Important Steps

If your company’s responsible for issuing Covid-19 certificates, you know that tens or even hundreds of these documents have to be processed on a daily basis before being sent out.

Mail merge PDF tools like MailMergic (PMM) provide simple opportunities for bulk fill PDF automation. Here’s how the process works:

Step #1: Upload your Covid-19 certificate template.

Step #2: Upload an Excel spreadsheet featuring names, test results and other information that needs to be auto-filled in the Covid-19 certificates. For more thorough instructions, please click here.

Step #3: PMM will next allow you to choose the auto fill areas and their formatting. Drag and drop the necessary fields on the Covid-19 certificate template. You can add names, gender, address, age, date, test results, vaccination status, etc. Also, you can choose the font and the style that will be applied to each auto fill element.

Step #4: You can choose a custom file name for each PDF Covid-19 certificate that will be auto generated.

Step #5: Once you’re done with the previous steps and you’ve reviewed all the information, just one essential will be left. Click on Generate PDF Files and you’ll get PMM going.

Step #6: Don’t forget you can specify recipient emails and whether you’d want to have the Covid-19 certificates mailed to these individuals after the PDF generation is completed.

MailMergic takes the tediousness out of Covid-19 certificate generation. By handling repetitive data entry and mailing tasks, the tool gives you the freedom to handle much more strategic aspects of running your business.

You can always find more information about MailMergic and how it works by visiting the homepage or contacting the customer support team at [email protected].

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