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MailMergic is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for automated document processing. Businesses of every size — from new startups to public companies — use our software to automate their document workflows.

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Speed up the world.

Our mission is to support people in their everyday work. We eliminate manual work and increase the automation of processes in the ever-increasing bureaucracy.

Our Team

Natalia Dmukhovskaia
SEO Specialist
Meelika Kivi
Customer Support
Anatoli Tereshchenko
Oleh Kryvoruchko
Ozge Acar
Human Resources
Lennart Guth
Head of Development
Sebastian Schrade
Pham Ngoc Trinh
Online Marketing
Freya Landsteiner
Customer Support
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Our History

  1. June 2019
    Company Formation
  2. August 2019
    MailMergic v1.0
  3. October 2019
    New Head of Marketing: Sofia Deichgräber
  4. February 2020
    Featured in Wired
  5. July 2020
    MailMergic v2.0
  6. November 2021
    Market entry in Germany