World, meet MailMergic

World, meet MailMergic

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এপ্রিল 22, 2024

We’re excited to announce the evolution of PDF Mail Merger into MailMergic! It’s a new name reflecting our commitment to dynamic and data-driven mail merge solutions.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Smooth Transition: No need to create a new account! Access MailMergic seamlessly using your current email and password at We are redirecting to for your convenience.
  • A Refreshing Look: You’ll notice a new logo, updated app names, and a touch of color to enhance your MailMergic experience. But worry not, the core functionality remains the fastest and most convenient way to manage mail merge.
  • Unwavering Mission: Our core mission remains unchanged – to empower you with borderless mail merge solutions. We’re committed to making personalized communication easier and more effective than ever before.

Where Mail Merge Meets Magic

The name MailMergic is more than just a new coat of paint – it encapsulates the essence of what we do. Let’s break it down:

  • Mail: This element is clear – we’re all about helping you create and personalize various types of communication, like letters, certificates, and invoices.
  • Merge: This signifies our core functionality – seamlessly merging your data with reusable templates to create personalized documents efficiently.
  • Magic: This is where the real transformation happens. MailMergic goes beyond simple merging. It injects a touch of magic by leveraging dynamic content and advanced personalization to craft truly impactful communications.

With MailMergic, you’re not just sending out generic documents – you’re creating personalized experiences that resonate with your audience. It’s the magic of data-driven communication, and it’s ready to elevate your outreach efforts!

Get ready to experience the future of Mail Merge with MailMergic!

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